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What is Alopecia Areata ?

Alopecia areata is a condition where people lose hair in round patches on their head or body. It happens because their immune system, which normally protects them from illness, starts to attack their hair follicles by mistake. This can make hair fall out suddenly, leaving bald spots. Alopecia areata is not contagious, and it can affect anyone, regardless of age or gender. Sometimes, the hair may grow back on its own, but in other cases, medical treatments may be needed to help the hair regrow. There is no known cure for alopecia areata, but various treatments, such as corticosteroids, topical immunotherapy, and emerging therapies like JAK inhibitors, can help manage the condition and stimulate hair regrowth.  In a few cases, all the hair on the scalp is lost, or all body hair is lost Hair loss can be permanent, or temporary. It is distinct from pattern hair loss which is common among males.

alopecia areata treatment
Alopecia Areata Treatment

Different types of  Alopecia Areata Treatments

The choice of treatment depends on the extent and severity of hair loss and individual preferences. Here are some common alopecia areata treatment options: 

  • Topical Corticosteroids (reduce inflammation and stimulate hair regrowth)
  • Intralesional Corticosteroid Injections (effective in promoting hair regrowth)
  • Topical Immunotherapy (applying a chemical irritant to the affected skin)
  • Oral Corticosteroids (prescribed to suppress the immune response)
  • JAK Inhibitors (These medications target the immune system’s response and can lead to significant hair regrowth)
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy (injecting a concentrated solution of a patient’s own platelets into the scalp)

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